Twitch.Tv – The Next Level in Magic Entertainment, the next revolution in online Magic: the Gathering entertainment! If you haven’t heard of this website, it’s the new frontier for budding Magic players. is a live stream website that I believe will soon take over YouTube as the  #1 spot for online twitch tv logogaming content – specifically in Magic: the Gathering. is a “new” platform that allows viewers to chat directly with their favorite streamers as they play live!  I’ve been hooked on this site every since I stumbled upon it a few months ago.  Ever since then, I’ve been trying to get my own Magic: the Gathering stream up and running. Unfortunately for me, the developers at WOTC still haven’t created an Apple-friendly platform for MTGO.  SO until then, I’ll be chatting and discussing with all my favorite players. is simple to use, and you don’t even need to sign up to watch. It’s a win-win for everyone.  The streamers can make a profit for themselves and provide sweet content that 1000’s of people can interact with.

I’m not sure when WOTC and SCG found Twitch, but you can now watch live streams of every Pro Tour, Grand Prix, and SCG Open year around!  Twitch has also launched the careers of streamers like CeddyP, Darkest Mage, and Dzyl, and you can find one these guys entertaining audiences almost 24 hours a day.   Not only has Twitch jump-started their careers in Magic, Twitch has helped them prepare for major tournaments and has become an absolute powerhouse for play testing.  Players can now build decks and discuss card choices live with hundreds or thousands of viewers.   Who would have thought… having 1000s of players help build your deck would actually work!

If you’re not on Twitch, get over there ASAP! I’m sure you’ll be hooked.

There any Twitch followers here? Tell me who your favorite steamers are! I’m always looking for more entertainment.


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2 thoughts on “Twitch.Tv – The Next Level in Magic Entertainment

  1. Media resources like Twitch TV are really helping up and coming magic players get their name out there. This also definitely helps out people who are deck building and need the extra advice, or people who want to watch magic events to get a better feel for a format.

  2. Dillon, thats definitely true. Before Twitch, I relied on ChannelFireball for strategy in limited, but quickly learned that the frequency and quality of videos wasn’t enough for me. I think the best thing about Twitch is the opportunity to interact with the chat. There’s an infinite number of ideas and possibilities that come up with 500 people commenting.

    Thanks for the comment!

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