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Talrand, Sky Summoner is a mono-blue suedo-aggressive deck that relies on instants and sorceries to fuel an army of 2/2 flying drakes.   Without considering the drakes, Talrand runs only 7 utility creatures to support its army of flyers.  The deck has changed only slightly in the past with a decrease in counterspells.  I ran apporximately 6 more, but realized they were not effective in most board states, and negated any synergy with one of the decks main win conditions, Bosium Strip. By placing too many counters in the graveyard, we effectively lost access to all or half of the possible recursive draw spells in the graveyard.  Changes should be made to the deck include the addition of Vedalken Shackles and Fact or Fiction.

Other win conditions include – High Tide combo, a massive army with Coat of Arms, and Opponent Mill with a large Stroke of Genius or Blue Sun’s Zenith.

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I feel the deck has performed well, but in it’s current state, I do not feel this is the MOST powerful deck in a multi-player environment. One on One this deck becomes much stronger.

talrand, sky summoner

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