Forgotten Ancients – Dominate

Dominate EDH Commander

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking to surprise my opponents with secret tech hidden inside my 99.   A perfect Forgotten Ancient, Dominate is this week’s spell of choice.

If you’re building a blue control EDH deck and searching for another Mind Control effect, Dominate is the hidden gem just waiting to be exposed in Commander.

The most well-known threaten in EDH is the $10 Treachery. Now, I’m not gonna try to compare Treachery to Dominate, but I think the second best card for this category, which no one knows is Dominate.

So, why is Dominate so good?

  1. It costs .30 from your local retailer (budget decks beware)
  2. It’s an instant (Mid-Combat, EOT, you name it)
  3. It steals creatures without leaving an enchantment behind (Say what??)

The only reason this card is not more expensive is because it has no grip in Legacy.  No other instant spell offers blue a treachery-type effect at instant speed that lasts permanently.  Yes, Gilded Drake can do it, and Sewer of Temptation can steal, but Gilded Drake is a creature and Sewer returns the stolen goods when it’s fragile body has been destroyed.

Dominate’s greatest upside is that it does not leave behind an enchantment, or any way to dispel its effect.  Most players have at least 2-3 slots in their deck dedicated to removing pesky enchantments like Mana Reflection, Solitary Confinement, Moat, Treachery, and Necromancy. So playing Dominate could not only steal a creature, but blank an opponents hand during crucial turns of a match.  Because there is no enchantment remaining after Dominate resolves, it is almost impossible for an opponent regain control of their creature without assistance from support spells.

What more could blue ask for? Dominate is a ridiculous bomb and needs to see some more love in EDH/Commander. My only request is that you get your hands on one and try it out for yourself. You wont be disappointed.


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