Drawn Together – Week 7

Challenge yourself to a puzzle game of card artistry. Each week, we’ll give you a slice of artwork from Commander. Use my tips from “About this Card” to help you solve the puzzle! Will you make it Drawn Together?

Drawn Together Week 7

About this Card: This weeks mystery spell is an attention whore.  He won’t go anywhere without an entourage of brothers and loves to be the center of attention.  He gets along with everyone, even the enemy. But he makes sure to be the alpha in every situation.  Don’t let he and his brethren catch you off guard, or it’ll be all over in a second.

Think you know the answer? Leave your guess as a comment. We’ll reveal the answers in next week’s posting of Drawn Together every Saturday at 5PM. Do you have what it takes?

Week 6 Puzzle Answer:
  Eternal Witness






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