Drawn Together – Week 4

Challenge yourself to a game of card artistry. Each week, we’ll give you a slice of artwork from Commander. Take a look, take a gander, Drawn Together.

Drawn Together Week 4

About this Card: This weeks mystery spell was just recently released from his previous relationship and is ready to get back on the horse and have some fun. He is an asset to your team on the battlefield and even in death.  His friends would say he’s a real up-all-night kind of guy.  Which card has been Drawn Together this week?

Leave your guess as a comment. We’ll reveal the answers in next week’s posting of Drawn Together. Do you have what it takes?

 Week 3 Puzzle: Imperial Recruiter
Imperial Recruiter Drawn Together Week 3






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3 thoughts on “Drawn Together – Week 4

    • Great Guess Rob! Thanks for playing. I chose Kokusho, the Evening Star because he just got unbanned and needs a little love from the community.

      Check back again next Saturday at 5pm for our next installment of Drawn Together

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