Drawn Together – Week 2

Challenge yourself to a game of card artistry. Each week, we’ll give you a slice of artwork from Commander. Take a look, take a gander, Drawn Together.

Drawn Together week 2

About this Card: This weeks mystery spell is an honorary member of Commander’s most frustrating archetype. Another classic spell, this one has been around since the dawn of time. Forever emulated, but never re-produced.  Which card has been Drawn Together this week?

Leave your guess as a comment. We’ll reveal the answers in next week’s posting of Drawn Together. Do you have what it takes?

Week 1 Puzzle: Ashnod’s Altar
Ashnod's Altar

Guess Which






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6 thoughts on “Drawn Together – Week 2

  1. Awesome guesses! I’m gonna have to make this harder in the coming weeks. Can you tell me, without looking on gatherer, what sets this was printed in?

    • This printing as actually only from portal and the Judge gift program. Thanks very much for the awesome replies! I hope you keep with our next week’s installment of Drawn Together. It comes out every Saturday at 5PM PST.

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