Commander’s Arsenal – In Stores This Week!

So, Commander’s Arsenal is complete and will hit store shelves in just a couple days.

Here’s the lowdown on the set, straight from the Wizards site.  The 18 cards you will receive include the following:

Commander's Arsenal Card List

Besides the 18 playable cards, you will receive 10 oversized generals to hang on your wall, use as a dinner mat, whatever you want.  Not only will you receive 28 cards in total, WOTC has also introduced a special life counter, Commander sleeves, and what they’re calling battle marks.

On to the real topic!  Will we, the normal everyday Commander players have the Commander's Arsenal Boxopportunity to get our hands on this set?  In all honestly, very few players will have the chance to purchase this product at any retail location.  Of course stores will sell a few sets – probably to comply with some WOTC protocols, but the bulk of these sets will be pieced out or horded. What kind of evidence do I have to support this? Take a look at and the Commander’s Arsenal ads they have posted.

Obviously, is anticipating the huge demand for this product, but offering double the retail price ($160.00 – Removed in photo below)  for an opened set is outrageous! If the largest magic dealer in the world is offering twice the retail price for an opened set, you can bet this will incentivize other dealers to do the same.   Here’s a link to SCG’s current buylist if you do want to sell your Arsenal.

SCG Commander's Arsenal

As for me, unless I find a set at Walmart or Toys r us for $74.99, there is no way I’m going to even think about buying one of these.  It’s just too much of an investment for cards that are common in the community (with the exception of Loyal Retainers).  Like everything else WOTC produces, Commander’s Arsenal holds 2-3 chase cards and a bunch of unspectacular CMDR cards.

If you really want one of these, I highly suggest you talk with your local store owners and convince them to sell you a set of Commander’s Arsenal when it’s released.

What do you think about this set? Do you see yourself purchasing an opened set from SCG? You going to purchase on eBay?  Leave a comments to start some discussion.


May the cards be with you!

One thought on “Commander’s Arsenal – In Stores This Week!

  1. I think the Commander’s Arsenal is a tragedy.

    Imagine one of those parties where the host sends out a some invitations (Commander Sets) and then suddenly an enormous wave of people show up at the door! The company wasn’t expecting such a big turn out and honestly had no dinner plan for it.

    So the Commander’s Arsenal was like one of those last ditch deli platters sent out to the party – it was picked clean before it made it halfway!!

    Now, the good news is unless Wizard’s has shit for brains, they’ll realize that this format has become seriously big. They can’t print cards fast enough for it! Next time, they’ll order a keg for the party, with a skimpy lady jumping out of a cake, with balloons and confetti and all that stuff. Next time will be awesome. Bet they’re planning for it now.

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